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Here’s a very complete list of all my productions: Ritz on Demozoo.org. Also has links for download in case you want to try and run the demos yourself. You probably want to use the DOSBox emulator.

Dutch tech web magazine Tweakers wrote a cool article about the demoscene, also featuring me: Duitsland erkent demoscene als cultureel erfgoed waaronder kunst van Nederlander.

4KB demos

A 4KB demo is a computer program whose executable is no larger than 4096 bytes. I wrote all my 4KB demos in 80x86 assembly.


design-1 design-2 design-3 design-4 design-5 design-6

Second place in the Bizarre 1998 4KB competition.

Design was produced in 3 days by Sepulcrum of Revolution and me, before the Bizarre 1998 demoparty. We used mostly small demo effects that I had already written, which I rewrote to be smaller, and coded a few new ones, Sepulcrum glued everything together.


First place in the Ambience 1999 4KB competition.

organic-1 organic-2 organic-2

Never Bored

Second place in the Takeover 1999 4KB competition. Watch on YouTube.

neverbored-1 neverbored-2 neverbored-3 neverbored-4 neverbored-5


Second place in the Mekka & Symposium 2000 4KB competition. Watch on YouTube. Watch on Vimeo (HQ).

This is my most complex 4KB demo yet, featuring a hand written software synthesizer in about 1100 bytes, as opposed to using the AdLib chip as in my previous demos.

meuk-1 meuk-2 meuk-3 meuk-4

Other productions

A BBS is something of pre-internet days, similar to a webserver, except you literally called up somebody else’s computer over the phone line. One purpose of BBSes was file sharing, and a BBS would often automatically include tiny executable files inside the ZIP files that people downloaded, advertising that BBS. Such a program is called a “BBStro”, and most of them even predate my demoscene work.

allura Allura BBS, BBStro, 1998

dark-illusion-1 Dark Illusion BBS, BBStro, 1998

dark-illusion-2-1 dark-illusion-2-2 Dark Illusion BBS, BBStro, 1998

newline-1 newline-2 New Line BBS, BBStro, 1998

bodycount-1 Body Count BBS, BBStro, 1998

legalized Legalized BBS, BBStro, 1998

first-degree The First Degree BBS (code), BBStro, Dec 1998

faith2k-1 faith2k-2 Faith2000 Cracktro, Cracktro, 1999

monkey-bar The Monkey Bar BBS, BBStro, Dec 1999

wilby4-1 wilby4-2 wilby4-3 Wilby #4, Diskmag (code/interface), Jan 2000

wilby5-1 wilby5-2 wilby5-3 Wilby #5, Diskmag (code/interface), Mar 2000