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Hagelslag Age Cave Painting (November 2020) Hagelslag Age Cave Painting (November 2020)

Piter Pasma is a generative artist, expressing himself through experiments with code and complexity. Inspired by randomness as an inspirational and creative force. Among the space of algorithms are buried gems in carefully tuned black boxes, concrete trap doors leading to unexpected dungeon forests, only seen when you open them a thousand times, sideways.

Starting as a demoscener in 1998, he wrote four prize-winning 4 kilobyte demos (non-interactive real-time size-constrained audio-visuals). Read more about my demoscene productions.

Since then he has been honing his creative coding skills. You can find art from this era if you scroll all the way down on Piter Pasma’s Instagram Profile.

He has been lead organizer of Genuary 2021 and Genuary 2022, generative art month, during which artists create daily pieces according to 31 carefully selected prompts. You can find many of these pieces by searching for #genuary / #genuary2021 / #genuary2022 on social media (Twitter, Instagram). An open gallery of artist-submitted pieces from 2021 can be viewed at Symbiocene.gallery.

In March 2021 he started releasing his art on the Hic Et Nunc platform, which you can find here. Later that year he also released several pieces on Foundation.

On 27th September 2021 he released Skulptuur, a generative art project on the Art Blocks platform. It consists of 6370 characters of Javascript and GLSL, and produced an incredible variety of highly photorealistic scenes of otherwordly sculptures, in a series of 1000. Check out the full series on Masterpiece.so. Click to read more about Skulptuur.

In November 2021 he published Dot Produkt and Hypergiraffe on the FX(hash) platform.

Februari 2022: Some of Piter Pasma’s pieces on Versum, including a generative poetry piece named I AM YOU.


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